Cote d’Ivoire – Power Transmission and Distribution

Cote d’Ivoire currently have a huge amount of works in Power Transmission and Distribution sector. There are two big national wide projects already approved for investment and now require only Implementation Subcontractor. One of them financed by World Bank another one by African Development Bank Group. Credit Lines opened to local Electricity company – CI Energies. Tenders already opened for attendance. Please analyze attached documents:



Opportunities: Design and Construction

Ghana – Gold Mine

This project is a Gold mine development in Ghana. Company already registered and have all necessary licenses and permissions including 2 pieces of land for mining. Earning of gold is already on-going, but with a small volumes. Neighbors are the industry leaders of the world. Project require Investments. High quality Business plan from french company prepared.

Forcasted IRR = 40,55%, NPV = 29 064 650 USD

More details with below link:


Expansion of Port in San Pedro

It is require to build additional Terminal and make total Port Expansion. There are 150 Hectars of the land can be used for. Looking for PPP(BOOT, BOO) partnership to take operation and management of new terminals. Total project cost is 137,5 mln Euro. Some details:

Terminal polyvalent commercial au port de San Pedro 7,5M

Viabilisation port autonom de San Pedro 130M

Opportunities: PPP, BOOT, BOO, DBFO, DBOOT, Design, Construction, Investments, Business,  Finance, Operation and Management

Cote d’Ivoire – Roads

There are a lot of roads under discussion now. Details below:

Abidjan Reconstruction: COTE_D_IVOIRE_-_AR_-_Abidjan_Urban_Transport_Project

Other roads:

ROUTE- A Abengourou ROUTE- Abidjan San Pedro ROUTE- Daoukro Agnibilikro ROUTE- Dianra Boundiali ROUTE- renforcement 3916 km ROUTE- renforcement ok ROUTE- S Man ROUTE- Sanssandra Lakota ROUTE- Sassandra Gagnoa ROUTE- T – Beoumi ROUTE- voirie ROUTE- Yamoussoukro Bouake

Opportunities: Design, Construction, Investment