SAVM – SABA GROUP is a Construction Company, which implement construction projects by ourselves. As far as we have already spent A LOT OF TIME AND MONEY to explore West Africa region, we have found  MANY PROJECTS which we can not build alone. So we decided to help other Investment and Construction companies to enter the market. All the projects we are preparing for the Partner we are preparing like for ourselves, so we completely sure – it will works properly.

Our main advantage is that we GUARANTEE you will receive the CONTRACT/PURCHASE ORDER and timely PAYMENTS!


  • Finds a project suitable for your Company
  • Gather information for analysis
  • Coordinates the costs, conditions and interests of all parties
  • Prepares documents for signature
  • Guarantee payment of the Contract / Purchase Order
  • Support successful partner activity from the beginning to the end

SAVM – SABA – Sincere Associate in Beneficial Action

Main Activity

Our representatives in the region carry out the following activities:

  • Searching for projects and collecting information
  • Building relationships with the end customer
  • Identification of needs and conditions for cooperation
  • Negotiating and representing the interests of the Partner
  • Performing the functions of the Representative Office
  • Arranging meetings and receiving an order
  • Ensure timeliness of payments
  • Protection from petty deception and raiding
  • Legal and tax support
  • Cultural adaptation

We are ready to cooperate with you today, because we know that “tomorrow” our opportunities will be performed by another company.

Let’s make collaboration!

Find with this link more information about Economic indicators of countries and reports of authoritative organizations about Sub-Saharian Afirca

There are Lending Interest Rate Graph for set of countries represented here:

About us

SAVM – Sense of Avail, Visioning, and Masterpiece implementation

SAVM – SABA GROUP has been working with government and private projects in the CIS region, but since 2016 – expand to another regions as well. Numerous experience of Public Private Partnership, BOT, DBOOT, EPC, Construction, Design, Operation, Financing and Maintenance making us an experts in complexity project development.

Planning and implementation of successful projects in VUCA World underpins what we are doing. The construction of residential, non-residential real estate, any kind of power plants, high/medium voltage electricity lines,  railways, refineries, gas/oil pipes and storages, bridges, airports/ports, roads, mining, agrobusiness, water rehabilitation facilities and infrastructure projects is the foundation of our economy and social activity.

SAVM-SABA GROUP LP is a legal entity, registered in Scotland, UK, Company Registration Number SL028444 with its shareholding capital completely owned by Management Team.

Projects under Discussion

Cooperation Rules

As far as you are seriously intent to expand your business in a new country/region – We are congratulating you and would like to say:

We Guarantee your success!

Before thinking about how to use the money received from expanding your business – please read below sequence of interaction:

  • First you should check our Projects in a Discussion area, choose some of them you are in interest with and express your interest by writing your comments on the page or sending mail to
  • After initial check with local Authorities we will provide you confirmation of availability of the project you choose and some additional materials, if available
  • To continue the work, you will need to provide a corporate presentation in the chosen direction in English or French and write LOI (Letter of Intent in English) or LDI(Lettre d’Intention in French)
  • If you are only interested in financing a project, or if the project you have chosen involves funding (for example, a BOT or DBOT project or an Investment project), you must also complete and submit a Letter of Intent for Financing – LOI Finance (Eng)
  • Then we works as your representative in corresponding country and together moves forward to get deal with chosen project till your company’s Official Representative will arrive there

After arrival in destination country our Representative will guide you through the next steps, which will be as following:

  1. Company’s managers attends organized meetings with related authorities, which are handling the project you are in interest with for deep discussion. Your back office must strongly support expansion activity
  2. Signing Memorandum of Understanding or other Statement for cooperation
  3. Opening Local Company with official juridic and financial atributes(if necessary)
  4. Submission of relevant proposals and tenders (if necessary)
  5. Company’s engineers and managers should be ready for detailed project investigation and additinal activity such as site visit, preliminary project design analyze, customer materials checking, expertize and so on
  6. Signing a contract and starting works.

All these steps are critically important for the final success, so please ensure your company match all of them.

If you follow this procedure, we guarantee your Success.