Benin – SOLAR Power Plant

It is signed agreement with the Government of the Republic of Benin to Build, Own, Operate(BOO) SOLAR Power Plant. First stage is 10.8 MW expandable to 21.6 MW connected to the electricity grid of Societé Beninoise d’Energie Electrique (SBEE) in Sakété.

The electricity generated will be purchased by the SBEE ( National Electricity Company )  under a 20-year PPA(signed).

Project cost 21 mln $, IRR 28%.

Opportunities: Investment, Construction, Operation

Nigeria – Deep Sea Port

Deep Sea Port

Greenfield 16.0m (draft)deep sea port project in Cross River State, Nigeria
• 1st Grand Mother Carrier Port in Africa with scale economies to maritime
business across the continent
• Supported by large-scale Free Trade Zone development
• Part of 7,000 hectare Bakassi Industrial Park

Project NPV 796,324,124USD
WACC 14%
Payback Period (capex + opex) 8 years
Project IRR 17%

More detials here:

Cross Riv-Bakassi Deep Sea Port.executive presentation.ntamu

Opportunities: Design, Construction, Investment, PPP, Operation, Maintenance

Peru projects – READY for ARRANGEMENT

1. Rehabilitation & improvement of the road »Dv. Cerro
de Pasco – Tingo Maria«
2.030 billion S
2. Expansion & improvement of potable water systems in
»San Juan of Miraflores«, »Villa Maria of Triunfo« &
»Villa el Salvador«
1.020 billion S
3. Rehabilitaion of the road »Pativilca – Puerto Salaverry« 390
4. Rehabilitation & improvement of the road »Dv.
Huancabamba – Huancabamba«
390 million S
5. Improvement of the road »Santa Maria – Puente
Hidroelectrica Machu Picchu«
360 million S
6. Improvement & expansion of potable water system in
»Parinas – Piura«
320 million S
7. Construction & improvement of the ring road of
165 million S
8. Replacement of 16 bridges in »Tarata – Tacna« 160
9. Expansion & improvement of potable water system in
»Sullana – Piura«
160 million S
10. Expansion of potable water and sewerage services in
»Catacaos – Piura«
160 million S

Opportunities: Investment, Construction, Financing, Trading

Peru – University City

A Private University in Perú wants to build a University City in an area of
12ha in a zone called “Lurin”, located at south of Lima. The project includes
a new building in the district “Jesus María-Lima” in the first year, and the
construction of the City in the next years.
Complementary Information: The University have a total land of 120ha in
Lurin, 12ha will be used for the University City. The University have already
passed the 5 years of life needed to get the permission to increase the
number of students. The University has already registered and received
certification from SUNEDU for some of their majors – degrees – student

Oportunities: Construction, Design