Dam and Hydroelectric Plant in Benin

This is a strategic project of the state to develop the central part of the country. The total cost of 1 billion dollars, the implementation period is 15 years +. It is assumed that the erected dam will create great opportunities for other sectors of the economy, respectively, the state is ready to give guarantees and all that is needed. The project is either EPC or BOT – you have to discuss the specific conditions directly in Benin. Below, click on the link for more details:

Barrage + HPP Rapport_hydroélectrique-finale_abz_30-04-2018

Design, Construction, PPP, BOO, BOT, Investment, Financing, Operation, Maintenance

Guinea Conakry – Construction of 50 000 houses

This project is the state program of the Republic of Guinea for the construction of housing for social workers. The project form is PPP. The total cost is 1.9 billion dollars. To implement the program, the state gives 16,600 hectares of land and guarantees the funds invested by the investor. Details under the link below:


Design, Construction, PPP, Investment, Financing, Business

Cote d’Ivoire – Biomass Power Plant

It is signed agreement with the Government of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire to Build, Operate, Own (BOO) a 25 MW Biomass(cotton) power plant.

The electricity generated will be purchased by the National Electricity Company under a 20-year PPA(signed). Project cost 36 mln $, IRR 21%.

Opportunities: Design, Investment, Construction, Financing.

Peru projects – READY for ARRANGEMENT

1. Rehabilitation & improvement of the road »Dv. Cerro
de Pasco – Tingo Maria«
2.030 billion S
2. Expansion & improvement of potable water systems in
»San Juan of Miraflores«, »Villa Maria of Triunfo« &
»Villa el Salvador«
1.020 billion S
3. Rehabilitaion of the road »Pativilca – Puerto Salaverry« 390
4. Rehabilitation & improvement of the road »Dv.
Huancabamba – Huancabamba«
390 million S
5. Improvement of the road »Santa Maria – Puente
Hidroelectrica Machu Picchu«
360 million S
6. Improvement & expansion of potable water system in
»Parinas – Piura«
320 million S
7. Construction & improvement of the ring road of
165 million S
8. Replacement of 16 bridges in »Tarata – Tacna« 160
9. Expansion & improvement of potable water system in
»Sullana – Piura«
160 million S
10. Expansion of potable water and sewerage services in
»Catacaos – Piura«
160 million S

Opportunities: Investment, Construction, Financing, Trading