Georgia – Low Sulphur Marine Fuel Oil(LSMFO) Refinery on the Black Sea

First Low Sulphur Marine Fuel Oil(LSMFO) hub on the Black Sea will serve the demands of the local and foreign customers. The facility will have the capacity to process 30.000 barrels of crude oil per day but can be increased in line with market needs. Evolve Trade and Investment Ltd is our partner in this project, which is delivering cutting edge technology and UK government agencies support. This project will make a huge socio-economic difference to Georgia with the creation of hundreds of jobs and will send a strong message to the world and its leaders that Georgia is ready to embrace the goals set by the Paris agreement on climate change.

Ukraine – Construction of a mobile communication network from scratch for CJSC Telesystems of Ukraine

A new CDMA mobile communication network has been built throughout Ukraine. The coverage of the territory is more than 400 000 km2, the number of Base stations is more than 2500, the network of FOCL and RRL equipment in 28 cities of Ukraine, long-distance and international data transmission channels. The data transfer rate for end users exceeded 3 Mb/s. The project was implemented on the equipment of Huawei Technologies. In this project, our subsidiary Global Telecom LLC was used for contractual relations. The project cost is 250 million euros. The implementation period is 2007-2010.