Cote d’Ivoire – Olympic Village Ebimpe, Abidjan

This project is a preparation of Cote d’Ivoire for CAN2023 (Cup of African Nations 2023 year). It is a Government level project and this Olympic Village in Abidjan must be ready for competition. Project consist of 32 objects, total land size is 287 hectares. The preliminary budget of the project is 2.05 billion Euro. The financial plan assumes a loan reimbursement maturity of 25 years and a borrowing interest rate of 3%. The stage of approval of the Master Plan was completed and a preliminary draft project was completed. The construction of the Olympic Stadium is funded through China Eximbank loan. Other elements of the village will be funded through private investments, public procurement, BOO and BOT. Bird’s eye view:

Master Plan here:

Preliminary Design + Final Master Plan with m2

Opportunities: PPP, BOOT, BOO, DBFO, DBOOT, Design, Construction, Investments, Business,  Finance, Operation and Management.

Some objects already arranged to the Partner

Dam and Hydroelectric Plant in Benin

This is a strategic project of the state to develop the central part of the country. The total cost of 1 billion dollars, the implementation period is 15 years +. It is assumed that the erected dam will create great opportunities for other sectors of the economy, respectively, the state is ready to give guarantees and all that is needed. The project is either EPC or BOT – you have to discuss the specific conditions directly in Benin. Below, click on the link for more details:

Barrage + HPP Rapport_hydroélectrique-finale_abz_30-04-2018

Design, Construction, PPP, BOO, BOT, Investment, Financing, Operation, Maintenance

Expansion of Port in San Pedro

It is require to build additional Terminal and make total Port Expansion. There are 150 Hectars of the land can be used for. Looking for PPP(BOOT, BOO) partnership to take operation and management of new terminals. Total project cost is 137,5 mln Euro. Some details:

Terminal polyvalent commercial au port de San Pedro 7,5M

Viabilisation port autonom de San Pedro 130M

Opportunities: PPP, BOOT, BOO, DBFO, DBOOT, Design, Construction, Investments, Business,  Finance, Operation and Management

Benin – SOLAR Power Plant

It is signed agreement with the Government of the Republic of Benin to Build, Own, Operate(BOO) SOLAR Power Plant. First stage is 10.8 MW expandable to 21.6 MW connected to the electricity grid of Societé Beninoise d’Energie Electrique (SBEE) in Sakété.

The electricity generated will be purchased by the SBEE ( National Electricity Company )  under a 20-year PPA(signed).

Project cost 21 mln $, IRR 28%.

Opportunities: Investment, Construction, Operation

Nigeria – Deep Sea Port

Deep Sea Port

Greenfield 16.0m (draft)deep sea port project in Cross River State, Nigeria
• 1st Grand Mother Carrier Port in Africa with scale economies to maritime
business across the continent
• Supported by large-scale Free Trade Zone development
• Part of 7,000 hectare Bakassi Industrial Park

Project NPV 796,324,124USD
WACC 14%
Payback Period (capex + opex) 8 years
Project IRR 17%

More detials here:

Cross Riv-Bakassi Deep Sea Port.executive presentation.ntamu

Opportunities: Design, Construction, Investment, PPP, Operation, Maintenance