Ukraine – Creating the first Domestic Waste to Energy factory in Dnipropetrovsk region

Waste Recycling

The technology we are going to use allows the landfill to be reduced, electricity and carbon char to be produced. Mixed domestic waste, Food waste, Bone meal, Clinical waste, Sewage sludge, Tyres, Hoses, Automotive Residues, Waste landfill, Mangroves remediation and Construction waste are suitable for recycling. We are going to set up cooperation on some sort of PPP(Public-Private Partnership) basis. For sure, this technology will make a huge socio-economic difference to Ukraine with the creation of hundreds of jobs and will send a strong message to the world and its leaders that Ukraine is ready to embrace the goals set by the Paris agreement on climate change by utilizing domestic waste of Dnipropetrovsk city into electricity and carbon char.

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